juli 2013


Martin Edin Photosession Golf

Martin Edin Showoff

Had a blast photographing Martin Edin as he was showing his moves at Hofgards Golf Club.  Will be doing this again, soon. but early in the morning, hoping for some mist.


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Wetrockrace 2013 Photo by Valentin Baat 2013_07_26 9399

Wet Rock Race 2013

Wet Rock Race 2013 Photos Part one

I was asked by a friend to photograph this great event. You can read more about it on wetrockrace .
The weather was awesome, and the participants were mostly smiling and enjoying the race, and some even had time to pose in front of the camera :)

Will be updating with more photos the coming week


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat SM_Halmstad_2013_07_05_2124

Kortbane SM Halmstad 2013

Kortbane SM Halmstad 2013

A few selected photos..


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Västboloppet Burseryd Photo by Valentin Baat 2013_06_30 7137

Vastboloppet 2013 Burseryd Part 2

Vastboloppet and Sodra Hestra Sparbanks GP 2013 in Burseryd Part 2 Photos

Second part of my photos from last weekend. lots of pictures from the women’s GP race, . will maybe upload a third part tomorrow if I find any more decent photos.


Link to part 1 of the photos


Photos by: Valentin Baat