september 2013

Svanesunds 3-dagars 2013 Photo by Valentin Baat2013_08_309355

The season is over

Selling highresolution photos

For those that are not aware I’m selling highresolution photos from all the races I’ve been too this year, I also include an edited black and white version of the same photo. Maybe as a gift to a friend, or why not print it and put it on your wall!

So feel free to contact me if you are interested,  see you next year on the road!


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Fredrik Och Mikaela 2013 Photo by Valentin Baat 2013_09_21 6762

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photos

I do photograph other things then cycling =P  Here are a few shots of a beautiful couple that i photographed last weekend. Enjoy!


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Vårgårda XCO 2013 Photo by Valentin Baat 2013_09_08 3317

Vargarda XCO 2013

Vargarda XCO MTB 2013

I ended up playing around with one of my wide-angle lenses, trying to capture the nature.. These are the ones that I think turned out nice, enjoy! Great event hosted by Vårgårda CK. thanks!


Photos by: Valentin Baat

Svanesunds 3-dagars 2013 Photo by Valentin Baat 2013_09_01 1089

Svanesunds 3-dagars 2013

Svanesunds 3-dagars 2013

My favorite shots from this weekends race in Svanesund. Will be uploading photos from, prolog, Criterium, time trial and the road race!

Many more photos to come, Off to work now! (monday)

ROAD RACE photos





Photos by: Valentin Baat