september 2015

Photo by Valentin Baat-3675 copy

Shoot with CK Hymer

Photoshoot and hangaround with CK Hymer


Spent a few days at U6 togeather with  team. I was taking photos during the races and we also had 2 photosessions for portaits, actionshots and so on. Some shots are taken only with ambient light, while others are with flashes aswell. Enjoy!  If you or your team is interested in a similar shoot feel free to Contact me.


 Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat-8119 copy

Another shoot for Honda ATV

Photoshoot with Douglas Lindelow and Honda ATVs

Here are some photos of the Honda Rubicon that I had the opportunity to photograph a while back. Also togeather with the famous Douglas with his horses!

I was thinking about showing how my lighting techniques have an impact on my photos.
Here are three photos taken almost at the same time, with same exposure settings in the camera,  Canon 50 mm 1.4 @ 1.4  iso 125   1/2500

The first photo is with ambient light only. shooting into the sun.
Second photo is with a flash from the left and the last photo I added another light from the right. In total there are 3 light sources in the photo, The photos are unedited straight out of the camera.


A preview of the catalogs, the majority of the photos inside are mine.

Photos by: Valentin Baat