Sanne Gars Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_14 4226 copy

Professional Fencer Sanne Gars

Photoshoot with Professional Fencer Sanne Gars

Photoshoot with the talented Sanne Gars. Instagram   I brought a four light setup, but ended up using 2 lights for most of the photos, and a single light aswell.  Was nice to practice on poses, which is something I don’t do that often.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Åby GP Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_16 4778

Aby Grand Prix

Aby Grand Prix 2014

A few photos..



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_05_23 0296 copy

Mcon AB

Photoshoot with Mcon AB at Le Pain Francais

Really cool location with amazing interior. Here are a few samples.  Mcon AB homepage



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Swing Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_29 0847 copy

Swing Photoshoot

Big photosession with Swing

Photosession for Swing glasses. We took the photos at Apelviken in Varberg. Here is a small sneakpeak on the 5 kids that were models for the day!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Martin o Martina Wedding Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_06 2532 copy

Wedding Photosession

Wedding Photosession in Hofsnas

I had the pleasure to photograph this lovely couple.!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Bockstensturen Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_30 1785 copy

Bockstensturen 2014

Bockstensturen 2014

My selected photos from Bockstensturen!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Wedding Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_24 0315 copy

Thunderstorms in Gothenburg

Thunderstorms in Gothenburg

Handheld photos from my balcony and two taken with an Iphone.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

drzipe5 copy

Photoshoot with Anders Sahlén

Photoshoot with Anders Sahlén for Dr. Zipe

I finally, finally got the opportunity to photograph some downhill, and Åre was at its best. I had a blast taking photos two days in a row, on the top of the mountain!

Here are some samples from the shoot!  enjoy!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Sebastian Balck Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_03 7308 copy_bw

More photos from the Shoot with Balck

Photoshoot with Sebastian Balck

More shots from my shoot with Sebastian!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Dr. Zipe Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_07_19 5408 copy_3

Photoshoot with Johanna-catharina Edin and Dr. Zipe

Photoshoot Dr.Zipe

Took the chance to take some photos of  JC Edin  when I was in Varberg during Hallifornia, here is a sneakpeak!



Photos by: Valentin Baat