Photo by Valentin Baat TerrassenBar-4842 copy_1_rak

Photowork at Terrassen Bar & KöK

Photowork at a restaurant in Grebbestad

I had the pleasure to take some photos for a really cool restaurant  really nice guys, and awesome bartenders!! I will make sure to visit them again before the summer is over. I used a mix of natural light with a big transparent reflector for the food shots, and for others photos a mix of flashes with softboxes mainly just one light.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat Maja Johansson-2101 copy_2 copy

Photoshoot with Maja Johansson in studio environment

Maja Johansson in action!


Thanks to Westcoast Elite for letting us use their big Place.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

untitled-4508 copy

Vacation on Corfu Greece

A few photos from my vacation


I mostly used my new phone LG G4 for taking photos, but here are some that were taken with my Canon camera. Enjoy!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat Hanna Helamb-3024 copy_1

Photoshoot with Hanna Helamb

Hanna Helamb in action.


Hanna Helamb asked to do a photoshoot with me a few months back, i had a blast and we found some good locations also.. Here are some of the photos from that day, Enjoy!
She also made the cover for Cyclingplus .



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Jönköping GP Photo by Valentin Baat 2015_04_11 6984 copy

My view of Jonkoping GP

Selected photos from the race!


Jonkoping GP is always a nice race to photograph, lots of nice nature and winding roads.




Photos by: Valentin Baat

Team Bliz Merida Photo by Valentin Baat

Photos from Alicante while I work on Jonkoping GP 2015

Photos from Team Bliz Merida preperation/training camp in Spain Alicante


Enjoy the none square/instagram photos from my trip to Alicante.




Photos by: Valentin Baat

Honda Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_12_09 5199 copy

What I have been up to lately

Photowork for Honda ATV’s

I’v spent some hours with Honda and their ATV’s, cool looking vehicles and fun to photograph. Here are a few samples!.




Photos by: Valentin Baat

CX SM Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_11_16 1691

Cyclocross SM and SWE Cup Final

Cyclocross SM and Swe Cup Final

My selected photos from the two days.



Photos by: Valentin Baat


My favourite Black and White photos from the year

Black and White from 2014

I rarely decide before I shoot that the photo will be in black and white. When the colors are not the way I was hoping for, or if its a grey cloudy and rainy day is when I try and see what the photo looks like in black and white. Here are my selected photos from 2014 that I think turned out great in black and white. enjoy!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Tobago Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_255052

Vacation Photos from Tobago

Random photos from Tobago

A few photos from my vacation down in Tobago.



Photos by: Valentin Baat