CX SM Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_11_16 1691

Cyclocross SM and SWE Cup Final

Cyclocross SM and Swe Cup Final

My selected photos from the two days.



Photos by: Valentin Baat


My favourite Black and White photos from the year

Black and White from 2014

I rarely decide before I shoot that the photo will be in black and white. When the colors are not the way I was hoping for, or if its a grey cloudy and rainy day is when I try and see what the photo looks like in black and white. Here are my selected photos from 2014 that I think turned out great in black and white. enjoy!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Tobago Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_255052

Vacation Photos from Tobago

Random photos from Tobago

A few photos from my vacation down in Tobago.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Tobago Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_307318 copy

Team Argon 18 Rocking it in Tobago

Team Argon 18 at Tour of Tobago 2014

Two amazing weeks, with racing, fishing, partys and everything else that you could have asked for. Here are some racing photos of the Argon guys. I will post photos from our other adventures as well..



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Sanne Gars Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_14 4226 copy

Professional Fencer Sanne Gars

Photoshoot with Professional Fencer Sanne Gars

Photoshoot with the talented Sanne Gars. Instagram   I brought a four light setup, but ended up using 2 lights for most of the photos, and a single light aswell.  Was nice to practice on poses, which is something I don’t do that often.



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Åby GP Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_16 4778

Aby Grand Prix

Aby Grand Prix 2014

A few photos..



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_05_23 0296 copy

Mcon AB

Photoshoot with Mcon AB at Le Pain Francais

Really cool location with amazing interior. Here are a few samples.  Mcon AB homepage



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Martin o Martina Wedding Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_09_06 2532 copy

Wedding Photosession

Wedding Photosession in Hofsnas

I had the pleasure to photograph this lovely couple.!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Bockstensturen Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_30 1785 copy

Bockstensturen 2014

Bockstensturen 2014

My selected photos from Bockstensturen!



Photos by: Valentin Baat

Wedding Photo by Valentin Baat 2014_08_24 0315 copy

Thunderstorms in Gothenburg

Thunderstorms in Gothenburg

Handheld photos from my balcony and two taken with an Iphone.



Photos by: Valentin Baat